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Story and Mission


Cosmetology, in one form or another, has been around ever since the dawn of mankind. People have always had the need for cosmetics, the necessity to enhance their beauty, which is, more or less, in the nature of every living being. Due to the social and technological advancements made in the 20th century, cosmetology has become an epitome of a complex and noble science.  Human progress in terms of social agenda has led to a widespread diversity of needs for embellishment, of different tastes and trends, depending on economic, social, religious status, etc. Advancements made in the field of technology have provided the conditions necessary to meet these needs and requirements.

Cosmetics and cosmetology, thus, experienced an expansion and developed rapidly, without any previously set guidelines or norms. There were no established quality standards for cosmetic products that could be used for comparison and the branches in Cosmetology, as well as its methods, were not clearly defined. This clearly had a negative effect on the quality of the final product and service delivered, hence causing certain cosmetic methods and inventions to gain a bad reputation.

Ten years ago, an international team of experts from the fields of cosmetology, aesthetic surgery, medicine and the beauty industry, based in Switzerland, saw an increasing need for the establishment of classification and ethical standards in Cosmetology. They realized the necessity of clarifying the order in which its directions would be further studied and developed. The decision was made to establish an institution, at an international level, which would have the capacity to impose concrete standards and draw a clear line between at least two levels of quality of products and services in cosmetics and Cosmetology, in general.

The Swiss Cosmetology Institute was established.


The Swiss Cosmetology Institute was established to determine clear global standards in the field of beauty and health, to define the highest level of quality in the field of cosmetics worldwide while educating both specialists and the general public to be able to only spot the quality ones in a sea of offers available. That’s why our focus is on the search and research of the latest, most innovative, but above all else – reliable and healthy methods of beautification. It is our goal to educate only on these methods, those capable of following the strict rules and the world’s highest standard.

We also aim to provide the latest, most innovative and high quality education, making our students the best in their work field and in the world. By respecting the principles of modern day life, keeping in mind the value of time, with a team of top level experts in the fields of cosmetology and esthetics at the helm, we developed a method of teaching which enables the maximum transfer of knowledge, within the shortest possible period of time. This has given us the argument and right to call our method the worlds’ highest quality education in the field.

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