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The use of medicinal herbs for the improvement of health and treatment of skin is as old as human kind. For thousands of years a variety of usage methods of beneficial ingredients found everywhere around us has been perfected. Today, however, and quite unfortunately we are witnesses of their frequent substitution for synthetic substances that are being presented as irreplaceable, and as having miraculous effect. The newest trends, combined with strong marketing, are a powerful weapon used with the aim to achieve outrageous profits without much regard to the health of users.


The cosmetic industry has not remained immune to these circumstances, which is why within the contents of 99% of cosmetic products listed are, almost completely, the chemical symbols of synthetic raw materials. The list, almost by rule, begins with water. In most products there is more than 80% of water and it represents, almost certainly, the most advertised and the cheapest substance in the history of the industry. Advertisement of water as an extremely important cosmetics ingredient combined with cheaper production and raw material costs, have led to an expansion of products heavily consisting of water which automatically entails also the use of chemical components, preservatives, synthetic raw materials, artificially added scents. In products containing water, preservatives are an unavoidable ingredient, since they prevent the development of microorganisms and protect the product from going bad. But preservatives also damage our organism. Thousands of billions of dollars have been spent to advertise water as an irreplaceable ingredient in the treatment of the skin. The word hydration has become a magical and unavoidable one, the symbol of high quality product. But, let’s think about this for a second; what happens to a finger if kept in water for a couple of minutes? It shrivels. So, hydration is only achieved through oral intake, while our skin begs for carefully selected cold pressed oil fats, etheric oils and extracts of medicinal herbs. Their correct combination is the most precious thing for the treatment of all layers of the skin, the activation of collagen synthesis, regeneration, improvement of circulation and the slowing down of the aging process.

That is why, in recent years the offer of natural products as a high quality ones has significantly increased. However, biologically active substances, the must for the benefit of our skin and body, are nowhere to be found in these massively commercially produced preparations. The reasons are many: inadequate plants treatment, too high temperatures during the production process, the picking techniques, storage length, drying, etc. The storage length of the biological activity of each plant is unique and delicate. For example, the dandelion root is one of the most precious herbal ingredients with extremely beneficial effects to the organism, but if it is over a year older it has almost completely lost its biological activity as well as its medicinal benefits. Although each plant is unique, this rule is universal and only the length of biological activity differs. Etheric and cold pressed oils are even more specific. Due to high prices of etheric oils they are frequently falsified, mixed with cheaper ones, artificial scents are added and they are increasingly being produced in laboratories. During cold pressed oils production, in order to preserve the active substances inside, the temperature at the head, where the pressing is taking place, must not exceed 42,7⁰C. Such way, a significantly lower amount of oil is obtained, but on the other side, this is the only way to get proper cold pressed oil with preserved biologically active enzymes that have an extremely powerful effect on the health of the skin and the organism. Unfortunately, and with the aim to obtain higher quantities of oils and due to greater commercial feasibility, in most cases the press head temperature exceeds 60⁰C – 70⁰C. This results in significantly higher quantities of oil but it also kills the essential healing ingredients.  Herbal oils of this kind are dead and not nearly as powerful as the live, biologically active herbal oils. Their effect to the health of the skin is insignificant.

For that reason, in the world of cosmetology, true quality are not just words of natural, hydrating products with beautiful aromas. What really represents true quality are ethics, responsibility and complete production control, from beginning to end.


Swiss Cosmetology Institute introduces the world to the relevance of properly manufactured, correctly advertised, high quality products with completely biological active substances. This is why SCI’s experts have become the guardians of nature’s gifts, carefully monitoring and supervising the preparations manufacturing process, beginning with the cultivation of plants, through the pressing and up to the process of obtaining the ideal combination of ingredients. With this approach strong synergic activity of whole plants is gained which, in return, has maximum efficacy without any damaging side effects. This not being the case when synthetic components and chemically isolated vitamins and minerals are applied. Combining the gifts of nature with the use of technology perfected for decades, Swiss Cosmetology Institute delivers maximally concentrated top quality preparations with an efficiency and efficacy rate 30 times more pronounced than in other products with the same content, made from raw materials in commercial production. Besides, their usability is maximized and consumption has been reduced several times so they are used in record low quantities. This is a great source of satisfaction when taking into account that the ingredients have been much highly paid for.

SCI is setting the cosmetology standards according to the greatest role model known to man – nature. The satisfaction of our partners, doctors, cosmeticians and associates from all over the world, as well as our clients, is our upmost priority and this is why uncompromising quality and maximum efficacy are SCI’s strategic imperatives. We are proud and happy with jointly achieved results.

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